After Installing

The first time you install the program you'll have to configure it with your noise-floor dB level by running the following command in a Command Prompt / Terminal:

On Mac OS X
/Applications/ config set threshold-in-dB-down -65
On Windows
osabe config set threshold-in-dB-down -65

where -65 at the end should be replaced with your actual noise floor in dB.

If you'd prefer to make this change directly to the application's settings configuration file, run the application once to generate the file and then consult the Configuration How-To for instructions.

For instructions on how to use the program, check out the User-Interface Reference.


By downloading, installing, or using this software you agree to the terms of the license.

v0.9.0 (Current)

Linux Installer
I don't currently have any binary distributions for Linux, so you will have to build the application from source if you wish to run it on Linux; instructions are in the README.
Mac OS X Installer
Important Note: Since this application is not signed, the first time you open it you will have to do so in a special way. Instructions are in the Install Notes.txt file in the download .dmg.
Windows Installer
Note: Since this application is not signed, Windows may give you a warning when you try to install. If it does, see the instructions for installing on Windows 10.
Release Date
Release Notes
Added 24-bit WAV file support, truncation highlighting, optimized segmentation, added a toolbar at the top, added high-DPI support, and fixed a few bugs